Im not one for a lot of makeup- in fact, I literally own one lipstick. It’s the most incredible shade of red, it’s bright and glossy, and on the odd occasion that I wear it, it sparks a whole heap of joy. Then, I have an eyeliner, one blush, one mascara, two shades of eye shadow, a tube of BB cream and one wand of magic brow. Perhaps I can include my lip balms on this count, of which I have five.

Ive chosen to go for classics over variety. Ive fathomed that I don’t wear enough to warrant diversifying, considering the short shelf life of cosmetics. Mascara for example can be kept for three months.

I once had multiple cosmetic bags full, shoved at the back of my bathroom cupboard, waiting to see the light of day. When it came to the time to wear more than my usual everyday products, I would rummage through, completely neglecting to think about how long I had each item, whether I enjoyed wearing it last time, and if I loved that item enough to warrant the space it took up in my bathroom.

I want to share with you how I reigned in my cosmetics and makeup collection, not out of trying to limit myself, but instead how to ensure I was taking care of myself, choosing joy, and putting forward the best version of myself.

Follow these simple steps to KonMari® your makeup and cosmetics;

Take Everything Out: Create the ‘pile’ that is so synonymous with the KonMari® method. This allows you to visualise and acknowledge just how much you have.

Seperate into subcategories: Reduce any overwhelm by being methodical. Collate all of your eye shadows for example and assess them on their own.

Joy Check: When I work with clients, we handle every single item in their home and we check it for joy. The same applies to their makeup and cosmetics. Hold each item individually, ask yourself if you love how you feel when you use this product, wait for the answer which is usually a light sensation in your body, a thrill, and determine if it sparks joy or not. Be true to yourself here. We place these products on our body, so we should be going for major joy here, nothing less.

Check the Condition: Un-like perishables in our pantry, beauty products don’t have explicit use by dates. Instead, look for the number after the letter ‘M’ on the label. It indicates the months that the product is safe and stable to be used after opening. For example: ‘M12’ indicates that the product is good to use for 12 months after its opening date.

Thank ‘Let Go’ items: For the items you are choosing to discard, be sure to express thanks to them for serving their purpose. We all have room for a more gratitude in our lives.

Honour each item: Store your joy checked items respectfully. Give your cosmetic bag a wash, or wipe out any storage vessel before placing your kept items away.

There you have it, a makeup and cosmetic collection that has been carefully curated and thoughtfully stored.


Written for FIL Society

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