The true benefits of Folding, the KonMari™ way.

The Marie Kondo ‘file fold’- feared by some, loved by so many. The act of folding your clothing, just like origami is so synonymous with the KonMari™ Method. It’s become a permanent practice in my house and the homes of my clients. Here I highlight exactly why that is;


Slowing down and being mindful is a lesson that so many of us have been forced to learn in 2020. Folding with care and firm, loving hands allows us to express gratitude for our clothing and provides us with an opportunity to reconnect with what we are so fortunate to own. This concept is central to the KonMari™ Method.


As we fold, we are faced with each item individually, allowing us the opportunity to ensure that the item still sparks joy.

Become a more conscious consumer

The art of folding encourages you to become acutely aware of what you own. As you fold and assess each item, you are able to identify what is needed in your wardrobe and what is not, reducing those ‘not really needed’ purchases.

Solve storage problems

A fun fact. You can fit 20—40 items of folded clothing in the space it takes to hang 10. It’s true. ‘File Folding’ your clothing is a real space saver.

Everything is visible

Make getting ready of a morning a simple and enjoyable exercise. Storing everything in ‘file fold’ mode makes everything visible and accessible.

File Folding is flexible

No matter the size, shape, depth or width of your storage space, the method can be adapted to work with what you have.

Involve your children

Encourage your children to respect their belongings by folding their clothes in a methodical way. Folding together can be such a mindful and relaxing experience that you can enjoy together. 

Get creative

Don’t think this folding technique is limited to clothing. Anything made of fabric can be folded! Think tea towels, linen and shopping bags!

It looks delightful

Spark more joy in your life with a wardrobe and drawers that look good!


Packing for a holiday? Simply reach into your drawer, and place into your suite case! No further folding or organisation needed. Take the stress out of packing for a holiday.

Image reprinted from SPARK JOY Copyright © 2015 by Marie Kondo. Illustrations copyright © 2012, 2015 by Masako Inoue. Published by Ten Speed Press.